The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released an insight report into the challenges of providing affordable and sustainable housing in cities.

The whitepaper ‘Making Affordable Housing A Reality in Cities’, looks at the challenges of providing affordable housing in cities from both the supply-side and the demand side of the housing market.  It acknowledges that while land is often the biggest cost in developing housing, construction costs are not far behind – and are sometimes even greater.

The report looks into making housing more affordable by bringing these costs down.  Approaches include using alternative construction materials such as fly ash, cement-coated expanded polystyrene panels, glass fibre-reinforced gypsum, cross-laminated timber and compressed earth blocks.  It also considers the Australian Nightingale Housing model to deliver high quality, environmentally sustainable, affordable homes.

Download ‘Making Affordable Housing a Reality in Cities’ report

Image credit: WEF.