The Sunshine Coast Council has launched a new design guide  with 10 guiding principles to keep the region liveable and sustainable.

Sunshine Coast Design is a resource to help plan and design homes, buildings, parks, public spaces, streets and neighbourhoods on the Sunshine Coast. It achieves this by using 10 simple and accessible values and design principles to inspire and encourage quality place-based design on the Sunshine Coast into the future.

The principles include “create shade spaces that put people first” and “strengthen and extend a network of green corridors” with sustainability and human-centred design influencing design in the region.

The intention is for the book to be picked up by more than just residential architects, with the 10 principles accessible for building designers, developers, builders and draftspeople to use as a ready reference. It also showcases best practice design in the region to inspire built environment professionals.

The book was informed by a “brains trust” of local and experienced practitioners from various design disciplines.

Visit Sunshine Coast Design for more information