A great green gardening trend that is coming back into fashion is straw bale gardening.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, its pretty much exactly what you are imagining – growing veggies or flowers in bales of straw, instead directly in the ground.

Compared to traditional gardening methods, it has a range of benefits. Straw bale gardening is easy to set up and far less labor intensive – none of that digging up the backyard or building planter boxes. It is highly versatile and adaptable, if you have a few acres, or a concrete balcony, straw bale gardening can work for you. Its even more productive than traditional gardening and can extend your growing season!

It isn’t without its drawbacks; the bales aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as a slick new planter box and can require more watering.  They certainly have their own charm though, and if its an idea you are interested in, here is a great article that takes a step by step approach to setting one up, as well as a consideration of the pros and cons of the straw bale approach.