China’s waste ban has triggered a crack down on recycling contamination rules, which mean recycling loads with too much contamination go straight to landfill. Here are a few tips to make sure your recyclables get recycled:

  • Remember the three golden rules – clean, dry, and empty! Empty food scraps and rinse containers. Anything that could go rancid shouldn’t be in your recycling bin.
  • Don’t bag your recyclables! They can’t be sorted if they are bagged, and plastic bags (along with soft plastics) can’t be recycled.
  • No shredded paper – the pieces are too small. However glossy magazines, entire books and papers with staples are all fine to go in.
  • No aerosols – the fire and explosion risk is too high, more and more recyclers are refusing to accept them. Check with your council when their hazardous waste drop off day is and keep aerosols, batteries and gas bottles till then.
  • Anything smaller than your fist can’t be recycled. Small items like that fall through the sorting machinery and end up in landfill.
  • Flatten your boxes – it helps prevent machinery blockages at the sorting plant.

Check out  this article for more info.

Image: ABC News