If you live in Brisbane you may have heard of Council’s recent ‘Plan your Brisbane’ campaign. The campaign is seeking to get those of us who live in Brisbane to step up and have their say about what we would like our city to look like in the future.

The campaign included a number of open forum discussions and an online game which was an exceptional tool for getting people involved and thinking about what they would prioritise. The game assessed how each player prioritised affordability, lifestyle, transport and greenspace as part of the polling process.

As part of this campaign, Brisbane city council hosted a round table discussion among Brisbane planning and construction industry leaders which John Tuxworth attended as President of the AGDF. The discussion aimed to aid the formation of a Charter of Principals that will guide critical development decisions to intentionally shape Brisbane’s future growth.  As part of the discussions, John Tuxworth contributed to a workshop sub-group comprising Noel Robinson (Noel Robinson Architects), Floor Felten (Brisbane Airport Corporation), and Greg Meek (Gadens).

The roundtable discussion addressed four primary areas of future development and discussed potential principals of each that council could focus on developing. The areas were lifestyle, greenspace, affordability and transport, with additional time to discuss any other areas of influence.

To work toward these objectives, the round table put forward a range of suggestions. Greater connectivity between rural and city zones, improved transportation to beach cities, additional green space and entertainment venues were brought up. Other suggestions included integrated, self-contained communities; electric buses; free transport; and a light rail around the city.