Woolworths is urging customers to return unwanted Ooshies to their local store for recycling after an Ooshie was found on a Gold Coast beach.  Volunteers from Environmental Group Sea Shepard found the plastic toy in the tideline among seaweed and shells.

Sea Shepard is urging everyone to work together to stem the tide of plastics finding their way into the environment. “Businesses, industry and government…have incredible power and the opportunity to make smart and sustainable forward-thinking decisions,” the group said in a Facebook post.

A Coles Supermarkets Stikeez! Collectible was also found recently by its volunteers on a Perth beach.  Stikeez mini collectables can also be brought back to Coles stores for recycling through their REDCycle program.


Woolworths said it works in partnership with TerraCycle to turn pre-loved Ooshies into recycled products such as garden beds, fences and benches.

Image credit: 7news