A second apartment building to be built under the architect-led Nightingale development model has been completed in the Melbourne suburb of Fairfield.

The five-storey block contains 20 apartments and looks over a railway station in the Melbourne suburb of Fairfield.  It was constructed without a developer, and was delivered jointly by Six Degrees Architects a development, sales and project manager and sustainability consultant Hip V. Hype, with private funding.

The building’s façade comprises textured concrete panels with external walkways on the street side, helping to break up the visual bulk of the building. An interior void creates visual connections between the floors.  Like its predecessor, the building has no car parking spaces, with residents expected to make use of the adjacent railway service or bike storage facilities. The residents will also have access to a dedicated car-sharing service.

Nightingale 2.0 will be followed by a number of planned Nightingale projects around Australia, including Nightingale Village, the third in the series designed by Austin Maynard Architects, designed by a consortium of seven architects, as well as developments in Ballarat and Perth.

Image credit: Tess Kelly and Hip.v.Hype