Yesterday, Ipswich City Council announced that it would no longer continue to operate its recycling program. The contents of Ipswich’s yellow-lidded recycling bins will now go straight to landfill, and experts are predicting that this is only the beginning.

The effects of China’s decision to stop accepting 24 categories of solid waste earlier this year are making themselves known.  Previously, China was responsible for over half of waste imports worldwide and China’s decision has left a gaping hole in international recycling efforts, disrupting 600,000 tonnes of recycling exports annually from Australia alone.  In the wake of China’s decision, the cost for Australian Councils to recycle their waste has absolutely sky-rocketed.  The Local Government Association of Queensland says that Ipswich is just the first of many Councils to be forced to recognise they simply can’t afford to continue to cover rising costs.

For more information, here is the ABC News article.

Image: ABC News