ENVI Micro Urban Village is the realisation of a new housing concept for a new era. Using a unique model of infill development that focuses on building in existing neighbourhoods as opposed to out in new suburbs or up in highrises, it transformed a single ordinary house block into ten freehold micro-lots for the next generation of home buyers.

Each of these micro-lots feature a 100% standalone terrace home, architecturally designed and customised for each buyer to ensure truly liveable spaces regardless of size. With modern Australians in mind, the project rethinks status-quo inefficiencies such as dedicated parking spots and single-use spaces — easily doable when amenities like parks, schools, shops and public transport are all within easy walking distance.

Of the ten centrally located homes created by ENVI, seven were purchased by first home buyers, proving the value of this unique development concept in the fight for housing affordability in desirable areas. Now, inspired by ENVI’s success, its creator is embarking on a new enterprise to achieve this vision on a larger scale, with developments planned for a range of central areas around Australia.

Image: Tom Anthony