Melbourne-based Jaunt was recently announced as one of Energy Lab’s new promising and clean technology start-ups for its first clean accelerator program.  Jaunt up-cycles iconic four-wheel drives sitting on farms and in back sheds and turns them into electric vehicles for a new kind of car rental. It works in partnership with regional communities and aims to have the mechanical and electrical engineering work completed locally.  The up-cycled vehicles combine old technology like ladder frames and leaf springs with some of the world’s most advanced technology.

Their latest project is a 1971 Land Rover Series 2a that is being transformed into an electric vehicle to explore Australia.  The vehicle, called Juniper, will be almost silent, have no exhaust emissions and allow visitors to hear and smell their surroundings. Juniper will be easier and safer to drive than when she was new, with power steering, heating, auto cancelling indicators and other improvements. Jaunt currently has ten more vehicles in the pipeline, both for private sale and for inclusion in their adventure tourism fleet.

Founder Dave Budge said, “Old Land Rover chassis are perfect for holding modern lithium-ion batteries and keep all the weight low just like a modern electric vehicle.  The team has refined battery placement and has managed to squeeze in 144 cells, giving us a 46kWh capacity, which is more than a new Nissan Leaf.”

Energy Lab says Jaunt aims to answer an inexorably growing consumer demand for clean transport in the tourism industry.

Visit Jaunt Motors for more information.