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New hybrid timber HQ for Atlassian

Australian tech giant Atlassian will house its new Sydney headquarters in a 40-storey hybrid timber structure to be built using mass timber construction. It will be located adjacent to Sydney’s Central Station and will be part of the NSW government’s planned technology precinct for the area.  New York-based Shop Architects and Australian practice BVN were selected to design the building.

The building will target a 50 percent reduction in embodied carbon and energy compared to conventional construction. Atlassian has also committed to operating on 100 percent renewable energy with zero emissions, by using energy efficient design, such as natural ventilation and planted terraces throughout the building, as well as generating green power on site through solar panels integrated into the building’s facades, which will be a glass and steel exoskeleton tied to the structure.

Source: Architecture AU

Coral Greenhouse creates habitat for marine life

An underwater greenhouse on the seabed 50 miles off Townsville, Queensland is creating a new habitat for marine life.  The greenhouse was created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor as part of the Museum of Underwater Art and sits in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park on the John Brewer Reef.

DeCaires Taylor created sculptures of workbenches filled with gardening tools inside the sunken pavilion, which are each designed to be a refuge for different species of wildlife.  Small fish can escape predators by hiding in the gaps of gridded elements, and there are niches for octopuses and sea urchins to hide in.  The beams of the Coral Greenhouse are designed to be a convenient place for fish to feed or congregate about in shoals.

Photo: Richard Woodgett

Source:  Dezeen

AGDF announces June GSLF webinar

The AGDF has announced that dynamic change leader Leith Sharp is the speaker for its June 2020 Green Speed Learning Forum Webinar.
Ms. Sharp will give attendees a window into Harvard University’s Executive Education for Sustainable Leadership program which she founded and continues to lead.  This cross-sectoral, residential leadership program brings sustainability leadership, human wellbeing, purpose, biomimicry, agility, integrated business models and organisational design together.
As a dynamic change leader with over 25 years of practice, research and teaching experience, Leith Sharp utilises highly innovative models to inspire radical change within organisations, across all sectors.  This insightful session will provide you with a brief window into the innovative content Leith teaches through the Executive Education for Sustainable Leadership program to help leaders drive sustainability into the core of their mission and business while reducing friction, increasing flow, and improving organizational performance, agility and innovation.

Join this very special webinar where you can hear from one of the world’s best educators in sustainability leadership. Visit EventBrite for tickets.

  • Webinar date:  Thursday 25th June 2020
  • Webinar time: 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  • Tickets available via EventBrite
  • Webinar access:  Zoom link provided via EventBrite to ticket holders.

This event is free for AGDF Members! (use the *new* promotional code available in the Member’s section on the AGDF website to register via Eventbrite). Tickets are $20 for non members.

About Leith Sharp

Leith has taught leadership for sustainability at Harvard University for 18 years, earning numerous commendations for distinguished teaching performance. She founded the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership program at Harvard in 2014, which she continues to lead. This cross-sectoral, residential leadership program brings sustainability leadership, human wellbeing, purpose, biomimicry, agility, integrated business models and organizational design together. In 2017, Leith co-founded Leaders on Purpose to engage global CEOs in defining and scaling a new leadership paradigm and business logic with the fitness to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Global CEOs from Paypal, Siemens, Mastercard, Ikea, P&G, Sodexo, Danone, Mars, Best Buy, Phillips, SAP, BMW, L’Oreal and many more have contributed.

Leith is known for founding Harvard’s Office for Sustainability in 2000, where over a period of nine years she led Harvard to become a global leader in campus sustainability. In 2010, she became the founding executive director for the Illinois Green Economy Network



AGDF urges action for Earth Day 2020

The Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) is urging building and development professionals to adopt sustainable building practices this Earth Day 2020.

AGDF President John Tuxworth said Earth Day is a time for individuals to take action to help end plastic pollution, fight climate change and protect land, air, water and wildlife.

He said, “Making a commitment to adopt sustainable building practices this Earth Day is a vital step towards improving the planet.

“We urge industry professionals to take a sustainable building approach whether they’re building something new or retrofitting an existing building.

“Green building approaches can play an important role in minimizing or eliminating the negative environmental impact of a proposed or existing buildings.”

Basic sustainable initiatives could include:

• Using sustainable building materials such as recycled glass and steel, as well as renewable materials such as bamboo and rubber
• Installing energy-efficient windows and doors
• Using lower-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints and stains
• Constructing green roof systems and installing plants on the roof to manage rainwater  and protect from UV
• Adding water harvesting and treatment systems that both manage and make the most of rainfall
• Maximizing natural light to save on CO2 emissions & energy costs
• Using renewable energy for businesses via green-power &/or solar panels.

About the AGDF
The AGDF provides a forum for building professionals to network and share sustainable solutions for our built and natural environments. Join the AGDF as an individual or corporate member in support of sustainable development.

AGDF canvasses Queensland’s major parties on sustainable policies

The Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) has canvassed Queensland’s three major parties on their sustainable policies for transport, affordable living and healthy communities.

Adrian Schrinner (Liberal National Party), Kath Angus (The Greens) and Pat Condren (Australian Labor Party) were invited to provide AGDF with policy positions on a range of sustainable topics in the lead-up to the recent local government elections.  The topics ranged from metro expansion, green bridges, pedestrian amenity and footpath networks to housing affordability / affordable living and the sharing economy.

AGDF President John Tuxworth said “As an independent forum, the AGDF encourages and engages in dialogue with government to accelerate sustainable development.

“The AGDF canvassed policy positions from the three major parties,in support of triple-bottom-line sustainability.  We would like to thank the Lord Mayor and Kath Angus for taking some of their valuable time to respond. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response from Pat Condren.  The information provided gives useful insight on topics relevant to green development & sustainability.”

In his response to AGDF, re-elected Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the Liberal National Party administration was strongly committed to the delivery of green bridges. He responded, “During this campaign, I have announced that the Kangaroo Point to City and Newstead to Albion (Breakfast Creek) bridges will be the first two undertaken. There are other green bridges that have been identified in State Planning documents and we would encourage investment by the State of Federal Governments in increased opportunities for additional river crossings, subject to community support.”

Kath Angus, on behalf of The Greens, responded to AGDF that Brisbane is one of the most car dependent cities in the world, and the only way to decrease congestion is to mode shift away from cars and into alternatives.

“Pedestrian and cycle bridges will facilitate better connection with public transport and make active transport more attractive,” she said.

The complete list of policy positions on the sustainable topics raised by AGDF is available below.

View the response from Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner (PDF)

View the response from Kath Angus (PDF)


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