Build It Back Green initiative overview
The Build It Back Green (BIBG) initiative aims to leverage disaster recovery efforts so as to maximise sustainability and community resilience outcomes, while reducing longer-­‐term energy, water and waste (or utility) bills. The initiative hopes to catalyse green jobs and investment in green infrastructure that is resilient while empowering communities to influence investments in recovery through informed, community-­‐based deliberation.
(Please see Appendix 1 for Principles Statement.)
BIBG builds on five years of experience gained by Green Crossed by Hurricane Katrina to rebuild to high sustainability and resilience standards. We are also inspired by outcomes achieved in the green rebuilding program in Greensburg Kansas in the aftermath of a 2007 tornado. BIBG is also informed by the Black Saturday recovery where communities are implementing a green rebuilding program supported by which also is used by the Perth bushfire affected community of Kelmscott Hills.
Strategic alignment with Queensland Reconstruction Authority objectives

BIBG supports strategic objectives directly:
– Maintain the self-­‐confidence of Queensland. BIBG involves over 100 Queensland business, community and government agency partners with enthusiasm and conviction in our ability to deliver a better future.
– Build a resilient Queensland and support resilient Queenslanders. BIBG integrates resilience and sustainability objectives in recognition that through good design, the recovery can mitigate against the risks future natural disaster impacts as well as reducing the level of greenhouse emissions that endanger future generations through predicted increasing intensity of severe weather events.
– Enhance preparedness and disaster mitigation. Particularly through the vision of Green Schools as a hub for community disaster preparedness and response initiatives, BIBG directly aims for greater community preparedness.