Biometric architect Michael Pawlyn says architects should go beyond  creating sustainable architecture that minimises damage to the planet and designing buildings that help repair it. Pawlyn is the founder of Exploration Architecture, known for biomimetic architecture like the Sahara Forest Project (pictured).  He says standards like the Living Building Challenge that promote regenerative design should become compulsory.

Pawlyn says that if the industry is to truly help tackle the multiple environmental challenges of today, architects must design buildings that give more than they take.  He believes the solution is regenerative design – the development of restorative and renewable systems where output is always greater than input, beneficial for humans and other species.  In his opinion, the best way that architects can create regenerative architecture is by using biomimicry.  Read the full interview with Michael Pawlyn at Dezeen

Image:  The Sahara Forest Project (Credit: Dezeen)