The Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) is urging building and development professionals to adopt sustainable building practices this Earth Day 2020.

AGDF President John Tuxworth said Earth Day is a time for individuals to take action to help end plastic pollution, fight climate change and protect land, air, water and wildlife.

He said, “Making a commitment to adopt sustainable building practices this Earth Day is a vital step towards improving the planet.

“We urge industry professionals to take a sustainable building approach whether they’re building something new or retrofitting an existing building.

“Green building approaches can play an important role in minimizing or eliminating the negative environmental impact of a proposed or existing buildings.”

Basic sustainable initiatives could include:

• Using sustainable building materials such as recycled glass and steel, as well as renewable materials such as bamboo and rubber
• Installing energy-efficient windows and doors
• Using lower-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints and stains
• Constructing green roof systems and installing plants on the roof to manage rainwater  and protect from UV
• Adding water harvesting and treatment systems that both manage and make the most of rainfall
• Maximizing natural light to save on CO2 emissions & energy costs
• Using renewable energy for businesses via green-power &/or solar panels.

About the AGDF
The AGDF provides a forum for building professionals to network and share sustainable solutions for our built and natural environments. Join the AGDF as an individual or corporate member in support of sustainable development.