The Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) has canvassed Queensland’s three major parties on their sustainable policies for transport, affordable living and healthy communities.

Adrian Schrinner (Liberal National Party), Kath Angus (The Greens) and Pat Condren (Australian Labor Party) were invited to provide AGDF with policy positions on a range of sustainable topics in the lead-up to the recent local government elections.  The topics ranged from metro expansion, green bridges, pedestrian amenity and footpath networks to housing affordability / affordable living and the sharing economy.

AGDF President John Tuxworth said “As an independent forum, the AGDF encourages and engages in dialogue with government to accelerate sustainable development.

“The AGDF canvassed policy positions from the three major parties,in support of triple-bottom-line sustainability.  We would like to thank the Lord Mayor and Kath Angus for taking some of their valuable time to respond. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response from Pat Condren.  The information provided gives useful insight on topics relevant to green development & sustainability.”

In his response to AGDF, re-elected Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the Liberal National Party administration was strongly committed to the delivery of green bridges. He responded, “During this campaign, I have announced that the Kangaroo Point to City and Newstead to Albion (Breakfast Creek) bridges will be the first two undertaken. There are other green bridges that have been identified in State Planning documents and we would encourage investment by the State of Federal Governments in increased opportunities for additional river crossings, subject to community support.”

Kath Angus, on behalf of The Greens, responded to AGDF that Brisbane is one of the most car dependent cities in the world, and the only way to decrease congestion is to mode shift away from cars and into alternatives.

“Pedestrian and cycle bridges will facilitate better connection with public transport and make active transport more attractive,” she said.

The complete list of policy positions on the sustainable topics raised by AGDF is available below.

View the response from Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner (PDF)

View the response from Kath Angus (PDF)