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ABC – Environment

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BEB904 Eco-Innovation (Semester 2, 2010)

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Prof John Frazer
Wally Wight (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO))
Mark Thomson (President AGDF)
Morag Gamble
Jonathon Dalton
Geoff Chia
Dr Tony Stapleton (Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd)
Jonathon Grealy

Engineering Sustainable Solution Program

These resources have been provided with permission by the Natural Edge Project
The engineering, design and planning professions will play a significant part in moving society to a more sustainable way of life. Recognising this, the Engineering Sustainable Solution Program (ESSP) seeks to provide engineers and built environment professionals with a core understanding of sustainability issues and opportunities as they relate to their practice. The ESSP is designed to facilitate the effective incorporation of key pieces of information, or ‘critical literacies’, and the design calculations, or ‘design principles’, relating to sustainability into engineering curricula and capacity building.

The Critical Literacies program is intended to provide teachers, lecturers, trainers and self learners with a suite of material that has been well researched, peer reviewed and trialled to assist in the acceleration of the use of such material an alert to sustainability principles and activity in the engineering profession.

Please note that further courses which may be of interest, are available on The Natural Edge Project’s website:

Build it Back Green

Build It Back Green initiative overview
The Build It Back Green (BIBG) initiative aims to leverage disaster recovery efforts so as to maximise sustainability and community resilience outcomes, while reducing longer-­‐term energy, water and waste (or utility) bills. The initiative hopes to catalyse green jobs and investment in green infrastructure that is resilient while empowering communities to influence investments in recovery through informed, community-­‐based deliberation.

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QUT Lecture Series

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Mark Thomson (AGDF President)